Hey I got this complicated problem with this girl, I develope feeling for. We been friends for the past 2yrs then out the blue I found my self getting nervous around her. My first complication is that I use to talk to her cousin for awhile, but me & her fell out, it wasnt nothing bad or nothing but it was a mutal agreement. I decided a couple months ago, when I started to catch feeling for her to tell her what was on my mind 1 day, not forgetting to mention we been hanging out together at clubs resterants & her's family functions, so I spoke up & said sumthing she didnt respone she just smile. Im like OK, so I change the subject. I asked her later on down the line lets b more then friends, and she responded that I use to talk to her cousin ( im like wateva). We still hang an chat & I keep flirting with her.I know she likes me and even got feelings for me. How can I get past this, or am I just wasting my time trying to escalate this.