There is this foreign girl from work on a 6 month placement. So far, and as explained in my previous post (, there has been lots of flirting (loads of kino, teasing and laughing) but Iíve never hooked up with her. Now there is only just over 2 weeks left before she goes back to her home country and Iím starting to get that sinking feeling of regret.

In the past couple of weeks over Christmas I tried to arrange a date with her but as her friend was visiting, she invited me along with them both which didnít give me a chance to escalate, though it was a good evening. Also, I tried sorting something out just before New Years but as she was away for a few days it has had to wait. Now, finally, we have arranged to go for a drink (just the 2 of us) tomorrow after work.

Iím feeling that if I donít escalate and kiss close her after the date tomorrow then I never will and it will, in all likelihood, be all over. Therefore, how much kino do I use, and how do I escalate with her while weíre out, and when/how do I go for the kiss close. Going in at the end for the kiss close seems the ideal time if I canít figure out an opportunity during the date, but this will possibly build up too much pressure and make me nervous during the date, leading to disaster.

Perhaps I should intimate about us hooking up during the conversation and gauge her reactionÖ.

Not only would I feel a huge amount of regret that this would be yet another occasion where I have not got anywhere with a girl after so much promise early on (even when I thought I had finally turned a corner in my PUA journey), but I do genuinely like her too.

Thanks for any tips.