This is going to be a bit long, but I need help. so :
There is this girl, shes foriegn and she came here to be close to her BF, but they live in different towns (work reasons, she actually is moving to his town, but going to live in different apartment, because they are breaking up, but she already found a better thing to do in his town, or at least so she says).

I havent met her that many times, as I dont call to set up meetings, she calls me every couple of weeks to meet.

three weeks ago, she called, i went to her place, we "Watched" a movie, basicly she was cuddling with me, we talked, we kissed, but then she realized and stopped me, after that we kissed again i tried to escalate a bit more and she stopped me (She says its wrong, i agree and continue with action, she insists we stop)... after some times restarting and stopping the movie was over, and she told me she feels its wrong were doing this, while she has a boyfriend, and kicked me out of home, while i was dressing up (i was shirtless... she took my clothes off, she still had bra on) she explained to me she avoids being with me because something "Wrong" might happen, but that she trusts me.

So today she calls again, sets a meeting, I get there, and she starts talknig about how bad it is with her BF, im supportive, she asks me what she should do, I tell her she shudnt ask me... she insists, I tell her that if anything is bad for her, she should stop, but that i dont know really how it is for her, bla bla bla, then we watch movie again but she makes me promise i wont kiss her (i should have not agreed for that condition), and it kinda start again... just cuddling, everynow and then i decide to disengage (stop having physical contact, kinda like light freezing out) and she reinitiates touch. stuff like that... then i touch her face while we talk (as if im removing something form under her eye), and she starts touching my face and my hair, but all the same time telling me how its not ok that ill stay there, that even though she is pracically breaking up with her BF, its not right to do anything... and then again kicks me out.

I did make it clear that i want something from her sexually (indirectly saying it, I know she understood though).

Now she invited me to visit her in the other town, i said my conditions for a visit will be, good drinks and a place to sleep over and maybe a bribe and asked for 50000$, she countered with 50$, we made fun of that, then we talked about other things. she also says shell come visit.

what should I do ?
sorry its so long, but this frustrates me.