Its a little complicated,
we dated not very long a while back actually we just ended up making out at a few partys and all our friends kinda thought we would end up dating and neither of us really wanted.

here comes the complicated part. I made a big no no, she wouldnt stop trying to make me jealous by saying how she was going away to cuba and how she would be on a beach with a bunch of hot guys and it finally got to me so i showed her a picture of one of my really hot friends, she flipped obviously.

anyhow she cant stop talking about me to my friends and they are pretty convinced that she wants me although the conversations about me arent always 100% positive.

I'm not sure if i want anything with her or not, but I'm curious how you would handle a situation like this just purely to get lade because if she does want anything at all with me, its sex cause in that gang of people i really have a bad boy reputation and thats what shes looking for