Newbie here, great forum! I've been single for about a year and have been dating around quite a bit. I'm lucky enough to be somewhat of a natural, I've never had any fear about approaching a beautiful woman, for me it's always been a win win situation. I either meet a new person, or I get blown off and I find that quite funny as well!!

I now find myself in a position of being in love with my best friend, I'm aware of the many pitfalls with this but the heart wants what the heart wants! I'll try to keep this brief so here are the basics.

We've been very close friends for 6 years and we know everything about each other. She got her heart broken in the fall and has taken it very hard although she is doing better. I did make the mistake of sharing my feelings with her around new years, she wasn't surprised. We've gone on 2 official dates now that both went well. On the second date I was able to escalate things to kissing which was nice.

Here are the areas I need help with. She has expressed deep concern about us dating because she absolutely does not want to loose me as a friend. Plus we are already so emotionally close that if things move any more in that direction we will basically be "married" so to speak which I am more than fine with!

Also she is still somewhat heartbroken and feels love for her ex despite the fact that this person has moved and is already with someone else. I know from her past breakups that she takes a lot longer than most people to get over that.

So I'm trying to figure out how to move forward. She's owns a medical practice and is extremely busy, so just by that it keeps us from spending too much time together and her freaking out.

On our second date when I escalated to heaving kissing, she said things like "I probably shouldn't be doing this..." "I'm not sure how I feel" "My therapist says I should just be alone right now until I'm fully healed from my ex" and those type of things. We are very open conversationally since we are best friends, which might not be a good thing. She definatley likes me, I'm just not sure how to move forward with all of the the current issues.

Thoughs? HELP!!