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    Unhappy Relationship help, very confused

    Kind of a long read , bear with me bros, I really need some help here:

    I met a girl in a club more than a month ago, after meeting her there I set up a date the next week, and since then Ive been seeing her every weekends. after the 3rd date we had sex for the first time and since then I started getting feelings for her, shes really sweet and probably the greatest girl Ive met so far in my life. misc info: im 23 and she is 19.

    However We are not in relationship officially yet. I can only see her during the weekends because we both live kinda far from each other and she is the one with the car, she comes by car every weekend for a day or 2.

    This weekend I was feeling so good with her I proposed her to be a couple, and she said no.

    Her reason kinda left me hanging, she said she came out of a relationship 3 months ago and wanted some time before falling back into another one. And that before we met, she was enjoying her "bachelor life" (this one really bugged me). And also that she didnt want me to have expectations from her. Not sure what she meant by that.
    What mind blows me is that whenever we are together we have the greatest time, I feel like thats the girl and only girl Ill ever need in my life to be happy.

    She told me not to take that as a "no" , only she needed more time.

    What am I supposed to do now? I feel very beta now that she knows about my feelings and its up to her now to decide when the relationship will start.

    I really need advices here, Im feeling so shiitty about this right now.
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