Hello, Shmecker here.

The last day I went to school last year, 3 girls started calling me hedgehog (that little animal with spikes, googled that) because of my hair which is kinda ^^^ on the top. We are back to school and they still call me like that. Now, I can't say which one of them likes me, but I think I know, since I had a few very long eye contacts with this girl before, and I've noticed her checking me out (almost all the time, yea, I think I have a great body language, I just feel so powerful when I walk my way).

Today they passed right in front of me just to tell me hi! (Yes, I think that is the only reason they passed in front of me, since they never go near that place where I stand outside of school.) First 2 girls said Hi <nick> but the 3rd (the girl I think she likes me) just passed by quietly.
Now, I cant say I dont enjoy attention (that just wouldn't be me), but since I broke with my g/f after 4 months, its getting on my nerves a bit. Also, looks like they get a bit excited when I pass by.

A few times I'd just talk to my friends, have fun and pretend not to see them, but they are just looking at me.

Now, I'd say they are 9s but that's not the problem for approaching them. The problem is that I think that they have their bitch shields on, and I have no intention of taking them back to the ground. I winked them once after they "got my attention" (I already noticed them coming my way, but looked in opposite direction), and then, after 1 min I see them looking at me, and I just pass by as if I didnt notice them. The reaction was so great, cant explain it.

I need any advice, also note that I few of my friends are Mr. I_have_no_idea_how_t o_get_women, so I cant depend on them. What should I do now, since I don't really want to approach them, but their nick calling is giving me creeps right now, and they are kinda beautiful (those 3 can end up in my top 5 in my school).