Hi Guys

I am new to properly dating and trying to understand women so I have made some big mistakes but would like some advice on how to fix a problem. I have been seeing a social butterfly as a friend for a while and because she had a boyfriend I always ignored her attempts to flirt with me etc, which from what I now know is what attracted her to me. However she broke up with her boyfriend for about a month and I got with her. Then she got back with him just before xmas and cancelled the plans she had to spend time with me to see him. I told her that I had feelings for her, and she said she wanted to see me, but didnt want to hurt her boyfriends feelings. Then he found out I liked her and stopped her seeing me. I told her I didnt just want to be her friend, and since then we both have not spoke since xmas.

How can I recover this realtionship and get it back so she is just a friend?