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    Default Night game Ė progressing to the kiss close?

    Ok, this is a far less depressing post than my previous one about a oneitis but an important post nonetheless. I always seem to have the same problem. I have no problems approaching and starting conversations with a girl in a bar/club (when Iím drunk lol) and invariably I can do well enough to stay in a conversation as opposed to getting shut out straightaway. I can even make her laugh and I have no problem using kino when Iím drunk to touch her arm (for example) as I make a joke. But what always happens is eventually Iíll feel the conversation dying out and then there is no chance of a kiss close and even pointless asking for her number to as I leave (talking from experience).

    So how do I prevent this from happening and convert the conversation into at least a number close, but more preferably a kiss close? If the girl isnít that drunk itís hard to physically escalate and be really forward. But if Iím not forward the conversation doesnít go anywhere either. Catch 22.

    What topics should I talk about etc? How and how much should I flirt/tease her? And how physical should I be?

    Thanks all, if I can overcome this problem then I will have come a long, long way in PUA, but itís taking a long time getting over this hurdle.

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    Default Re: Night game Ė progressing to the kiss close?

    Jaz, you need a stack. There are tons of resources out there, love systems routine manuals 1 and 2 for example. A stack allows you to take a conversation in an interesting direction. If it is well done with you leading the conversation toward an interesting, different, and exciting a number close or better is almost assured. Put the time in, find material that fits your style and go for it.

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