I'm very new to the game, I don't know any openers or DHVs so I'm trying to by pass that for the time being and work on my vibe for now and taking it one step at a time... I like to lesson to music that helps me get my "swagger" together before I leave the house (I hate that word btw) by the time I get to where I'm going my vibe is projecting more confidence and seduction than james bond. As I walk though a mall, or were ever I am, I'm constantly getting IOI from random women...but, what I found that is really interesting to me is this...one day I was standing in line at the register, I was flowing all the pua tips for good posture, except for one thing...I put both of my hands on my belt buckle...there were women that noticed me before I did this that were giving me IOIs but soon as I put my hands on my belt buckle they started to make it very obvious as if they really wanted to be opened. Does anyone know why women react to that? Also, another thing I noticed is even when a girl is in a bitchy mood for some reason when I pet there hair they love it and get happy? Are my observations logical?