So there is one hb 9 and a hb 7 and they're roommates. And i was working game on both of them, my main target being the HB 9...however at first the hb7 was alot more responsive and seemed to be liking me. I didnt really pursue it but wanted to keep my options opened for the future...

later on at a club the HB7 was like "buy me a drink" and i know your not suppose to so i didnt...we hung out a little after and she wind up leaving earlier but texted me "sorry for seeming like a bitch with the whole drink thing, lets hangout "


later after the club the HB9 KEPT saying "i know you like my roomate" at least 6-8 times...and at the club she came up to me a couple times with some IOI' do you think the HB9 is interested and is saying "you like my roomate" out of jealousy?

my roomate dumbly went up to her and asked if she liked me and she said no but i doubt shed admit it to him if her roommate also likes me

any thoughts would be appreciated