so there's this friend of mine. I only see her as a friend. i don't even find her attractive at all. But we haven't talked in a while. I think she probably thinks i ignore her. cuz i never talk to her in the hallways i'm just trying to get to class. But anyways i hit up up on facebook to say hello, and she pretends to be her boyfriend. And I know it's her because it was like midnight and she kept updating her statuses. Anyways this isn't the first time it's happened. Girls out there really think every guy is out to bag them. How stupid and arrogant.

So basically this is the conversation.
Me: Wuz good little miss_____?
Her: This isn't______it's her boyfriend -__-
Me: That's cute, she's just a friend, what that gotta do with you?
Her: didn't say it had to do anything with me, i was just telling you that im not_____
Me: aiight ____'s boyfriend.
Her: i mean if you already know that it isn't _____then why do you keep replying?
Me:why you keep replying? i thought that was the end of the conversation,____ 's boyfriend. why you feel threatened or something?

I think that emphasizing on "_____'s boyfriend" got her to believe that i was on to her, and that's she asked me why i kept replying if i knew it wasn't her. I want to tell her that, it was messed up what she did, i was just gonna ask her something important. Should i send her a message saying that idk why she had to pretend to be her boyfriend, if she's not my type. i was just gonna ask her a qs, but it's arrogant she would assume that. and if that was her bf, then he's mad clingy for using her facebook.