I went out for the first time last night. Well it was the first time i went out with the intention of picking up women. Im new to the game and i really just wanted to approach some girls and build some confidence.
I opened 8 sets of 2 girls, i dunno why but all the girls where in groups of two. After the opener they all responed positively and i was able to keep the conversation going for maybe a minute?!
This is the problem, wtf do i do after i open a set ?
The second problem is that i went out with a group of six guys. So i would approach, open and get the attention of two girls, then six of my " mates " would come over and if not imediatly scare them chased after them to much and put them out of thier comfort zone!!! thanks friends.
Anyone got any tacticts for dealing with this problem ? And can anyone tell me what to do after the opening a set? Any advice would be very much appreciated.