Lately I dropped by my local kiosk looking at some newspapers and magazines exhibited and sold there. At those moments I saw an extremely stunning HB9 standing about 2 steps or around 5 feet away from me to my right while she was chatting with a guy in front of that kiosk who then went to buy something there while she was still standing close to me and waiting for him.

I was absolutely paralyzed and lost for words and didn't know how to properly approach this HB9 girl or open up (approach) this mixed 2 set, in this case.

What kind of approach strategy would you use in this specific situation.

How to best deal with the obstacle that's this guy and then smoothly approach and if possible, isolate this HB9 girl with my intention to get her attracted to me and then exchange phone numbers with her in case the guy is not her boyfriend?

In advance thank you very much for your advice.