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    Default Most complicated pick up ive ever attempted..

    Ok so I have abit of problem. I want to pick up a girl I know, who I shouldnít really even try to pick up. So my first question isÖ.is there a way to pick up a girl 100% covertly? Meaning she would have no idea im actually trying to pick her up and she would need to be the one that makes a move on me. I donít want the drama that would follow of a failed pick up.

    Background - ok so Iíve known this girl for years and Ive always kind of had a thing for her but itís only recently dawned on me that I wouldnít mind starting something. The problem is I have a g/f , she has a b/f and we are all Ďfriendsí. The two girls are best friends. I donít want to date her, I just want to have some fun.
    My thinking was to build so much attraction and get her alone, then hopefully she will wouldnít be able to resist and either give me a clear indication to make a move or make a move herself?

    The target - 24 year old, HB7, she is a very socialable and sometimes flirty but has only slept with one guy (the guy she is with). She isnít a very sexual person, which is another big barrier in my mind. they barely sleep together and she has joked that she has fallen asleep during sex.(I think it was a joke)
    She gives me plenty of IOIís - laughing at my stupid jokes, touching and lots of eye contact. (plus Im pretty sure she had a crush on me when we were younger). The IOIís have increased since Iíve started giving her embedded commands while talking to her, emails etc
    Her boyfriend is an ok average kind of guy, maybe alittle overweight. Whereas Im an athletic, good looking guy .

    OH AND ONE MORE THING - as I researched covert seduction I started reading The Oct Man and while learning it in my mind I imagined performing the last part of the sequence with her. I went through the whole thing and then afterwards I became slightly obsessed about picking her up. This lasted for about a week. Does this sound weird to anybody? I decided against using that because it didnt seem healthly.
    Anyway...any ideas,advice, opinions?
    Thanks in advance.
    P.s this isnít a oneitis, so please donít tell me to go fuck other women because im doing that anyway lol. And sorry the post was so long, as you can see this is abit more complicated then the normal pick up.
    We have made plans to hang out in afew weeks, just us two. If anybody is interested, ill post my plan so far and maybe you guys can give your opinions?

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    Default Re: Most complicated pick up ive ever attempted..

    If you have a girlfriend you're asking on the wrong forum

    PUAs dont lie or cheat.

    If you're gonna sleep around you gotta break it off with her first, then I'll be happy to help you

    Meanwhile - you're just another player
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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    Default Re: Most complicated pick up ive ever attempted..

    Quote Originally Posted by AkaTheEdge View Post
    I donít want the drama that would follow of a failed pick up.
    You are lying to yourself, or everyone else, if you think you don't want drama and you're wanting to get with your girlfriend's best friend, who also has a boyfriend.

    You're buying drama no matter how it plays out; it's all a lose, for you (and the women involved).

    If you just want to bed her, that would cause less of an issue, in the end. That's between you two (and anyone lese who finds out), if it happens.
    I have failed more than most men have tried.

    Every woman you pass up is a woman you will never have.

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