Hi guys,

Theres this girl at work who is a HB9 we work about 15 metres away from each other but in different departments (corporate environment) so no real reason to talk on a daily basis. Shes always got a group of guys around her asking her to go lunch and coming over to her desk to talk to her etc as she is hot. Shes far from shy and loves to flirt and the guys fuel her ego ive noticed.

Ever since I started working there she has been giving me strong IOI's: strong eye contact, catching her looking at me a few times a day, walking close by and checking me out etc. I've only spoken to her a couple times, only light chit chat however she would always walk off with a smile while turning her head back at me as shes walking away. Always got a hi and a smile while passing also.

Now I had some personal issues I had to deal with which made me anti social lets just say for a week or 2 and didnt pay her any attention at all the whole time. Just gave her a quick hey when passing a few times. Now I catch her looking at me more often, and trying to get eye contact when she walks past my work area.

Whats got me thou is when i pass her walking now we hold eye contact but she rarely smiles like she used to and in most cases doesnt even say high. Other times she'll just quickily look away straight ahead of her or past me. Yet i still catch her checking me out when im at my desk constantly.

I guess this isnt your typical approach question. Is she negging me because i negged her previously?

Whats your thoughts?