Alright so, I met a girl though one of my girlfriends, really hot! We are having a good time getting to know each other. Mid way though the night she notices a friend of mine and goes to talk to him, I'm guessing she was digging him. I leave it be because there are plenty of other girls at this bar. I was told that my friend was being a bit of an a-hole with her, so she lost interest and walked away. Anyway, the night rolls on and she eventually comes back and starts talking to me. As the night was ending she asks if I am going back to my friends house to hang, I say I am and so we decide to go together with some friends in the same car. At this point it seems obvious I'm probably going to get it in. On the drive my friend that was being an a-hole to her calls me to make plans for the next day, she takes my phone and starts asking him to come to my friends house, it was obvious what for. WTF?! So I leave it be at this point we go back to my friends, have some drinks, sing some karaoke and have a good time. After everyone goes to sleep she comes to me and starts making moves like she wants to get it in, like i said she was really hot so let it happen. The next day she and I are hanging out all morning laughing, joking and just getting to know each other a little more, we don't talk about what happened last night, but we are definitely flirting and touching each other though out the morning and to my surprise we are actually getting along better than i would have expected. She gives me a ride to pick up my car, before i leave i ask her if she wanted to exchange numbers, but if it was what it was, its no big deal and we don't have to. She gives me her number anyway. I wait two days to text her, I text her a little inside joke from that reply! I mean I don't want to get serious with her, but would like to hook up again sometime or maybe make a hot booty call out of this one.

What i want to know is: Should I text her again? Should I call her instead? or should I just take it for what it was? What could i do to get a response from her without sounding like I'm desperate?