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    Default Stepping up with a potential crazy

    Yo. This post has been invaded!!!!!!!!!!!7! !!!!!!!!7!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
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    Default Re: Stepping up with a potential crazy

    This is a delicate balance, but there's one way to address it, for the record tho there's no guarantee, she may still stick to cuddling only but meh, enjoy yourself there too

    Well, this kinda assumes you'll still be making out, if not you play it even more delicately to that point

    The whole idea is 2 steps forward, one step back, and give false disqualifiers

    So as things start to heat up or get intimate, (you can push the line a little if you're not kissing yet then kiss her neck, just a peck as you're laying). If she's into it, give in to the interaction for a momen but break it off.

    The whole key, you must be the one who keeps pulling away, with "disqualifiers" like "hey I promised myself I'd be good"
    The more you pull away the crazier it's going to drive her, and the more and more she will think about it

    Repeat the process periodically, give in to temptation then pull away "that's not fair girl you're killing me", keep blaming it on her indirectly

    If you push and hit her wall and she forces you to stop, then you get stuck. This is a workaround to get around her standard walls. When you pull away, she doesn't have to put them up so she'll slowly let them down and usually even turn the interaction around on you
    Note - if you get to the point where she's basically on top of you, keep putting up some token resistance, let her "convince you"

    Hope that makes sense, credit to David deangelo for the concep of 2 steps forward 1 step back

    Good luck
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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