Hey guys, Now I've got your attention, anyone can answer this

Last night I ran game on many girls, one asked me straight up for sex, and I negged her saying hey you cant afford this, she threatened to punch me in the face, said my game was perfect until I said that, luckily I was only gaming her for my wing to get in with the cute blonde, which he failed at miserably.

Anyway later on in the night I gamed two cute blondes, and got them in the 'pen15 club' and ran the cube game on her in a club.

She wrote on my facebook wall this morning, 'Waking up to penis written on my arm was a great reminder of last night and there i was thinking the cube, horse and ladder was so deep! Ha!!' She wrote this at 8am so she woke up thinking about me which is great and took action straight away - great again. My question is, should I reply on her wall with 'how dare you write penis on my wall, shocking!' or something along those lines? I was offered alot of sex last night so I must have been doing something right. Btw guys a great opener I was using ' footballers or rugby players' Had them talking for ages, I just leaned against a wall and was surrounded by women trying to air their opinion, brilliant!