Hello PUA form. Here is my story. It might sound trivial but it's important to me.
I'm pretty sure that since about 3-4 months a girl in my college class has been in to me , but by then I ignored her and focused on other girls. About now I started to realize that she is a wonderful girl and deserves my attention. The problem is that I don't know how to proceed to check if if she is still interested. By now she is probably decided that I don't like her and want to only be friends with her. She seem to like to call me on school matters, but that's not a guarantee of anything.
I'm also afraid that I might have hurt her feelings because of the times she has seen me flirt with other girls.
I'm asking you, how to check if she is still interested (delicate as possible) and maybe state my current feelings towards her (indirectly) ?
I decided to be a bit more interested in her life and to start asking her how's her day been on the phone, but this is not a direct sign of a romantic interest and she might misinterpret it.
And how to proceed on a date if I decide to invite her ? I've never invited her to hang out before so it would be weird. And I haven't been touching her a lot previously, so it would be extremely weird if I start acting as I would act on a normal date with a new girl.
I would greatly appreciate any help or an advice from anyone ! I don't want to lose any chances with her because of my own stupidity.
Thanks a lot.