I'm new to the pua art. I'm a sophmore currently attending Florida Atlantic University. I was wondering if pua game works in a college setting.

I'm rushing a fraternity right now, and if I get in, I will be meeting a lot girls in sororities, and I will be seeing them many times throughout the semester. I'm worried about using pickup in this environment, because I feel like if I screw up, I don't have the advantage of anonymity provided by a public gathering like a club, and I'm worried that I might build a bad afc reputation while I'm still trying to learn the game.

So to sum up, I've got 2 main questions:
1. Are there any sort of changes that I should make in my approach in a college/fraternity/sorority setting?
2. How should I go about practicing in an environment where my actions can be remembered and spread around to others in that same environment?

Thanks in advance.