Today I found myself in a weird situation when I saw an extremely hot looking blonde girl (HB9) that was standing and chatting with her parents on the other side of the road at the moment I was walking across the zebra crossing towards her.

Naturally, I found her parents as a huge obstacle or barrier for me so that I hesitated and gave up approaching this mixed set at the end.

10 seconds after I crossed the road and while I was standing just about 10 meters away from her and her parents, she parted with her parents and walking away from where I was standing.

An interesting thing was that after she kissed her mum goodbye, she looked at me and our eyes were locked for only a couple of seconds.

What would you do if you were in this specific situation?

Would you approach her while she was chatting with her parents?

Would you wait until she parts with her parents and then start running after her and approach her from behind the way Andy Yosha or perhaps Asian Playboy do?

Or, would you just give up approaching her the way I did?

In advance thanks a lot.