Hi Everybody,

Just want to say thank you to everyone who replied to my last post, itís appreciated.

Now Iíd like to call upon the wisdom and depth of knowledge of this great community to ask if anyone knows about attachment theory? And more specifically how to fix it.

If you didnít know, Attachment theory is concerned with the type of relationship you had with your primary care giver, for most people thatís your mother.

For example did you have a secure attachment or an insecure attachment. There are different types of each. According to the theory the type of attachment you had with your primary care giver will determine the kinds of relationships you have with people as an adult. So itís important.

In fact, I wonder if there are a number of people on this forum who have difficulty with this, may this is why theyíre in the game.

So, the theory is fairly solid and doesnít really have any contradictory evidence.

And just so you know, Iím affected by this, so if youíve come across it before and have some useful ideas share them with me.