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    Default Trying Online Dating, Is my profile too average?

    Hey, I'm new to the website, my name's Stephan. I'm currently deployed right now so hitting on women is kind of hard to do, so I'm trying to line up so e-poon for when I go back home. I signed up for and here's my profile:

    "I wake up every morning ready to take on life's adventures! What adventures could I be talking about? Well, my day starts with a morning routine of exercise with my soldiers, which could be anything from running for more than a few miles, to destroying our bodies in general. Oh, what fun we have! Then the usual rat race that we call "work" begins, which can vary differently each day, but that's not where the true adventure lies (usually). When I'm not being ever-so splendid at work, I like to stay active by gliding down snowy mountains on a piece of fiberglass (some may call this "snowboarding") or I like to hike in the mountains, or jump off cliffs into the water, or pretty much any other thing that involves me and mother nature battling each other.

    During my most recent deployment, I was able to squirm my way into becoming a certified fitness trainer in between missions and other fun activities and am now working on a certification to be a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, as well as a certificate for Exercise Therapy. It's not the easiest, but I stay dedicated to the things I commit myself to, and it will all be worth it in the end. I plan on going to college on the east coast to continue my education in a related degree, but my overall goal is to become an adventure guide!"

    I feel like it's a little bit too long, and kind of puts me in that "every other guy" category. Should I cut away the music part? I feel that since pof recommends you talk about it, EVERYONE is going to talk about it and I've seen some other profiles on this website where they focus more on their fun-loving personality.

    I have two openers I'm trying, one I read on here: "Aloha, are you a hard-working, humorous kind of girl? Because I really need someone to take care of me while I play video games all day and eat mayo off my belly." (I'm not really fat) Or I try the old fashioned way of askign them if they're adventurous and seeing what they like to do. I have some pics up of my skydiving, jumping off a cliff into some water, my deployment, and opening a wine bottle with a drill (the handy alcoholic?) Also, I've heard not to be the first to ask a personal question, that you should ramble (according to Roosh) until she picks up on your bait, and asks a personal question. Does this go differently with online dating?

    Any advice is AWESOMELY appreciated! Thank you!
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