What's the ultimate goal for a player of game?

I think it probably varies from player to player but one constant that we all have is to not give a shit. Neil Strauss says as much in "The Game", but admits rarely do any of us really achieve this.

For me I would love to not give a shit. The problem I guess is that sooner or later we do get affected by the women we meet; or at least one of them.

So what do we do when oneitis sets in? We pride ourselves on no longer being AFCs and as such we need to recognise the onset of oneitis and do our outmost to reject it. Never should we embrace it because that is not the calling of a player. Ours is to game and game we must. And so when emotions tend to get the better of us, we, as players, are left with only one choice and that is to game more.

We game more and we are exposed to more emotion. A logical question is just how healthy is this? It seems circular. We feel emotion, we game more to exorcise that emotion, and we are exposed to more emotion. And this is the ultimate paradox: we game because we love women as a collective whole. They are intoxicating and their femininity makes us yield to the point that we are willing to let them have. However, there is always the one woman who place a greater amount of stress on this point of conversion. It is inherent in the nature of game.

If we yield anymore than this, we yield our status and become the dreaded AFC that we all hate. This level of yield is an important inflexion point. It is a make or break point of the player, it is the conversion point and it needs to be handled with care.

The onset of oneitis is poison, it is like a dreaded virus that weakens the soul and will take weeks to get over. A pain that must be avoided at all costs - because as players we need to maintain our confidence to play.

I am all for pushing the limit. As players we have actively taken on the circular risk of playing - exposure to emotion, exorcise this emotion and gaming some more. It is the nature of the role - the inherent danger of being a player.

Game is our solace and game is our curse. We acknowledge the risks and we embrace them. We know that we each have a point of conversion and this point must be guarded closely. Recognise the stresses placed on your conversion point and always try and maintain control.