here are the text messages (from a new number i did not recognize) ....

her - (my name)?

me - who's phone is this

her - remember me (with a poor quality pic)

me - better with names, not blurry cell pics that are impossible to make out

her - lol (her name) (-this was a girl (HB9) i really hit it off with on the phone 8 months prior who then ignored me when she thought i wasn't that into her im guessing since i did not call her back for a first date for two weeks-)

me - hey its been awhile what have you been up to?

her - no text response but i just got a message on online (pof) from her saying "Lookie lookie! ;-p" (1.5 days later)

me - oh my 3rd fav stalker:-) (5 days later)

her - oh wowzers

I thinking either just call and don't leave a message or send a "what trouble have you been up" text. I'm having trouble gaming this girl any suggestions? ...thanks for any help