Im following MM and after reading a boat load of info, I am wondering how to apply it. Lets pretend that the sequence of pickup was Linear. Using MM how would it go?

A1: Opinion Opener/FTC/Neg/DHV (?help on what type/one most appropriate here)Reach Social Hook

A2: More DHV (Routines,Stories, Games)/Maybe some social kino (hand on back, arm or through routines)Negs/IOD's until you recieve IOI's

A3: More DHV's and Negs/IOD's (Get woman invested to give him three IOI's) Then you start to give her IOI's once you get 3 IOI's yourself

C1: Isolate the target and build comfort through IOI's/DHV's/Fluff/Kino/ which escalates to #close/kiss close and plans to meet at another location/area (C2) either then or later

C2: (This part I havent looked into as #closes are still the goal as a noob) By this point I assume its all fluff and your personality/patterns maybe/New place, more comfort/connection/trust

S1,S2,S3: Sex area, sex/LMR seal deal

Is this correct or am I missing something?

So eg of a stack for a 2 set would be:

A1: Jelous GF Opener/Gotta get to friends (FTC)/Nice nails they real?(Neg) /Turn away as if to leave then turn back and say "How do you all know eachother"

A2: Best Friends Test(DHV)Neg/IOD's get IOI's

A3: Palm Reading/Kino Confiidence Test/Negs&IOD's/Story/ Until you get more IOI's

C1: Isolate, "gonna take ur friend over here for 2 mins" then run cube

Is something like that acceptable? Just wondering for my example in A1 where I have the nails neg. Should it be there or should it actually be somewhere in A2?