Hi,first of all Im Adrian,from Spain.

I have entered the PUA community because i feel intrigued about women in general,the way they think and they way the act.

I have a doubt,and Id like an expert to give me me some advice.

I met a girl about 4 months ago,at first my friends told me that she was interested in me,we used to talk every day about silly things,s he used to ask what did i do and that sort of things.

I went out with her a couple of times but i did nothing.I think that was my mistake.

Right now i use to go out with her but i really don't know if she is interested in me,she laughs when i say things,but i think that is not a real IDI because i'm pretty funny and she is very funny too.

This weekend she invited me to go with her and her friends to a Carnival and i dont know the way i should be.

I have self-esteem, that's not the problem,but i know i did the things wrong with her and i want to make it right,

Thanks everyone and sorry for my english, as i say, I'm spanish!