Hi guys, great to be here. Some help would be appreciated.
Field report/ Sandy
I had a cool evening talking with a gorgeous chick.
I wish I knew where I could improve, if one you super PUA's had've been watching and listening I could get some tips.
I did put some new things into practice.

1) Visualisation exercise before going.
2) I concentrated on improving my game/confidence, keeping relaxed and laid back. I put getting laid out of my mind and focused on getting a rapport, making sometimes extended eye contact and keeping a look out for cues and what body language she was talking.
3) Teased her a bit and made some spontaneous wise cracks.
4) I made an attempt to touch her, besides the standard hello/goodbye kiss. Even though it was only her finger. (she had this huge ring on so I took her finger in my hand and asked if that was her defence mechanism, ie a knuckleduster that she would use if I talked too much.
5) Cut back on giving IOI's 5something I usually overdo.

She was genuinely excited to see me at 7:30 in a cafe in BXL we talked till around 10:00. Right through the conversation had been flowing and she was enjoying it. Then she said she was tired and was going home. I saw it coming and reckon it was at that point I ran out of ideas and what to do next. Possibly I should've preempted and said I was going before she had chance to say it?

I have no problem getting the phone number, setting up the date and getting a woman animated and talking about herself but then....taking it further holding hands, kissing and then bed seem to be so elusive