so i met this girl through a friend. We hung out a few times at school, and we eventually exchanged #'s.. I started txting her, but its been pretty dry, and i need advice as to how i can turn situations like this into a hook. heres the excerpt

Me: thx for the flowers "secret admirer"
Her: ahahahaha you wish
Me: No? Dang.. Either way u can keep my gift under 200$
Her: Keep mine over 200
Me: Dont try to one up me
Her: Kay over 199.99
Me: Youre just asking for trouble pumkin head
Her: K i will take two chanel perfumes

at this point, it was late, and i didnt feel that banter would get me anywhere so i let it lie.. i thought about disqualifying too, but i wasnt sure if that would be the right way to go either, as we still dont know each other (something about chanel not being classy blabla).. that said, whats the right thing to do? When we're together, theres plenty of ioi's, & thats why this makes me think that rather than her being aloof, shes playing hard to get.