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Sexy Blonde StripperI’ve never had any problem generating a ton of REAL attraction with strippers. I think it must be just a reflection of the normal game I have worked years to grow and use to attract women of all types.

And I am not talking about the strippers ‘acting‘ like they like me so that they can take all my money. I am talking about REAL attraction (the kind where you haven’t spent a penny on her and she is asking what you are doing later that night). Good times…

I mean, I can go into almost any strip club and within a few moments, completely take the ‘dancer’ out of the customer / dancer relationship and find out all about her, get her real name, her real phone number, and even set up a time to hook up for a drink later that evening.

For me, it was always really simple because I had found a great PUA way to get them out of their ‘working’ mode and into rapport mode quickly.

It wasn’t uncommon for a ‘dancer’ to ask me for my phone number saying things like – “because you seem like such a genuinely cool guy, and I never meet guys like you, especially here. Maybe we can hang out this weekend.”

Now before you call BS on me (which I wouldn’t blame you at all for thinking this), I have to tell you. It is 100% true.

My friends have all seen it, and are shocked at how easy I make it seem.

Well up to this point, I hadn’t really shared my ‘secret’ with anyone, not even my good friends.


Well, I still love to be with them and have them amazed out how easy I make it to pull the hottest stripper(s) – ya, the cool thing about them is it is pretty easy to get a three-some… I mean MUCH easier than with ‘normal’ girls.

But a good friend of mine recommended this book and I have to say, it pretty much explains EXACTLY what I do to attract and hook up with strippers.

It just works.

So if this is at all interesting to you, and if you EVER go to strip clubs, you are going to want to check this out.

Strip Club Seduction

talk soon,

Bill Preston

PS – Here is a free report “Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction

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