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There are a lot of lonely people out there looking for love.

What they should be looking at is themselves. If they are not constantly working on improving themselves, how can they possibly attract another person.

Maybe you are like them and spend your time collecting ideas on picking up members of the opposite sex - and while that is all fine and good -- it needs to happen later on.

Right now, you should be concentrating on cultivating Health and Fitness Advice that will help you to become a better man or woman.

It's not about how attractive you are, or how witty you are. It is about taking care of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally.

First let's concentrate on your physical self, that is a major component if you are trying to be an a great catch in today's dating world. Here's where you need to pay attention to Health and Fitness Advice from friends, books, TV, radio, whatever. And me.

If you are not taking care of yourself, you need to start doing that right now. I mean moving your body and eating right. It is really that simple. And being in shape and happy with your overall health is critical if you want to have real success.

Here's where to start. First, cut all, and I mean all, junk food out of your life. And when I say junk food, I also mean fast food. Start eating at home or in nicer restaurants. Avoid heavily friend foods and concentrate on eating vegetables and other foods that are as close to their natural form as possible. This one step will increase your health exponentially.

Second, start moving your body as much as possible. Instead of sitting at home, you might want to get out to the local bar or a nearby park and start talking to people -- men and women. Don't shy away from making new male friendships, they sometimes can be a perfect resource to find out what women want as these men have also probably dated many different types of women. Together, you can share your experience and your combined knowledge of what women want in men will be more advanced than it would be if you didn't have this interaction with other guys.

Heck, for all you know, they might become your new best friend and eagerly set you up with their hot little sister. Just meet other people of both genders without any ulterior motive and see where that leads.

Walk to work, if you can and see how your fitness improves. Read any Health and Fitness Advice book and it recommends walking as one of the best exercises any person of any age can engage in.

Don't like to walk? Play an organized sport. Join a local baseball league, go bowling, take up fencing, learn a martial art. Anything like this not only helps you physically, but as an added benefit it will boost your mood naturally. And the bonus cherry on top? It makes you a more interesting person and more attractive to others. Additionally, if you pick the right activity, it might just be the same thing that is both fun and an activity based upon what women want to do for fun and to meet single men. You can read magazines, books, websites all chock full of health and fitness advice, but the key is to get out there and do it.

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