Guys, I'm not really new to picking up girls, i have good game, i generally get what i set my mind on and take care of biz,

But I have encountered something rather challenging, and need some assitance

Here's the sitch, i met a girl about 6 months ago (her bf has been around the same amount of time), became friends didnt think to much about it, Sexual Tension was amped up and eventually she gave in and came for a visit saying "she needs to find out if her feelings for me are real". so she came over, full closed and then this went on for a few weeks. This girl caught my attention, i wanted to keep her for myself (this is kind of amazing really generally after i blow, i run for the closest exit).

So her feelings are real, and she is attracted to me and has feelings for me, this week shes been off, we had a conversation on where she needs to cut it off because she feels so bad about doing this behind her bf back, now i never really talk about her bf ever,

I need correct this, and get it on the path where the bf is on the way out, i did bring it up to her that i think she more scared of breaking up with the guy and actually following through with it, says i make a good point but didnt clarify anymore than that.

Normally i consider girls with bf;s off limits but like i said i plan on keeping this one
Thoughts, ideas, help me out!