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    Red face Weird Friend zone

    The deal is the following:
    We met with this girl half a year ago, we were purely friends, she's been going out with guys, I've been going out with girls. When the new semester began, she started spending more time with me, due to a lot of outside reasons and we got to know each other very well. She broke up with her last boyfriend a month ago, and it's unnatural for her to not be with a guy for so long, as she is very hot and open minded. Something changed.
    She began giving me contradictory signs, but most are those of attraction. She made up a nickname for me, she started complimenting me on weird things, laughing on my stupid jokes and so on. She tries to be around me when in parties, leans towards me, makes contact in every way possible and maintains prolonged eye contact. I am not an expert in this attraction thing, so please feel free to comment on this as well. However, I feel weird. I was ok with the fact we are just friends and I had no further intentions towards her. This changed with time, and now I think something might come out of this. I just don't know how to transition smoothly. I feel shy in front of my friends on this matter, and I don't wanna "clear the smoke" between us in a public place where they might see us. I might be acting like a complete idiot, so I decided to ask here. Could you please give me suggestions on how to test if she is really looking for something more with me and how to react if she does.

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    Default Re: Weird Friend zone

    She likes you dude keep the eye contact going ect and tease her here and there and begin to Kino escalate start with putting you hand on her lower back to move her and so on. She likes you, have fun and good luck

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