I want a girl. Tried to get her bud came in friendzone. She gotted a boyfriend and she discussed the problems she had with him, with me. As young as I was a bounced arround in it for like half a year. I tried to milk the problems out bud that didn't work either.
Knowing how dull the situation was I made a plane to get out.
I figured I probely just wasn't a good leader. I believed romance and dreams will get her to like me. I was wrong.
I went to Paris with her familly, I had a stragey
1. I need to get above her litttle sister, her, her sister and equivalent to her mother.

This worked. In Paris they where vulnerable for my leader ship. It was a new city with a foreign language. Throwing things in like you're "intimidated" by the buildings around, bud than hold the control annyway. This worked.

2. I wanted that the younger and older sister to like me. They like me now. They still do. Knowing she might be jealous. I "ignored" her almost the whole trip. She was getting irritated to her sister, bud didn't tell why. I mad allot of "moves" in front of her. Moves where like switching bracelets a street artist gave to us, or the extending eyecontacts, comforts in Paris, etc. She had a boyfriend, so it was useless for me as the leader in Paris to really talk with her... She "belonged" to someone else. Boyfriend wasn't with us in Paris.

3. After Paris I came to re-visit her for 2 times. The second time her boyfriend was there to. I made him beta in the conversation and set. It worked to. After that I said I was comming home. Ask her to bring me to the station. Said I had to move on with my life (she knowed I like her). Said I didn't feel like to being that long loyal to someone who had a boyfriend. And said when she breaks up with him she may call me. She bought it.

Month later now.. Think the sister still likes me. (they are a kinda socially isolated). She remains seeking contact. on a high personal rapport level. Today i saw on facebook the relationship is over... Awesome! dunno how to handle it from now on. Sister still likes me. I don't like her. Still got a message of her wich she want's me to answer. Bud I don't care about her. What's the most tactic way to get the girl I want?

Please help me! I'm not a pro. I was just trying!