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    Default Things were going well, but now she is distant

    So I hooked up with someone a few times, we were going really well, and she was inviting me out.

    Anyways she went distant on me, this was after an argument - I apologized for over-reacting, she said it was cool.

    Shes just got more distant since, although we had a great night last week, she said shed miss me over weekend as shes going away.

    I invited her out for dinner tomorrow and despite telling me shes not doing anything, shes asked to re-schedule for later in the week, until she gets paid - I'm paying for dinner anyway.

    Is there a way of getting this back in my favor?

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    Default Re: Flakes

    How much do you like this girl?

    If you want to make her melt I'll help but please don't use this if it's not serious.

    I was a florist and I can tell you flowers are terrible things to buy and worse yet are usually only given after a big mess up but they would work wonders if she got them delivered by you while she was at work. It wold be even better if her co-workers were there to see. They might be c*ck blocks but not after they see what you did for her, they will be your reinforcements.

    Flowers to consider:
    Stargaizer lillies
    (they are called that because most lillies grow pointing down)
    Calla lillies
    (almost always a wedding fav)
    Spider mums
    (these are a lil more exotic looking without the price)

    Past that I would ask to see them first and make sure you like them but don't go for roses or're different!

    If you can do something cheesier than that go for it. I got one girl a see through paint can at michael's filled it to the top with red hots and attached a card that said "yeah, you're hot!" (She worked at Sherwin Williams)

    If she asks what they are for tell her "nothing I just want you to feel special"

    Hope this helps.
    Fat Kyle

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