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    Default How do I get a chick?

    As I said before getting a gf is hard work and puts too much pressure on me to perform perfectly at all times due to my pre-concieved notions of what women want. Of course these ideals I have usually don't pan out in the long run. So I have decided to scrap the idea of getting a "gf" because that is setting way too high expectations for myself. Of course I want a gf really bad right now and it is eating me alive with not having one but why make myself suffer? Becoming a hater is pointless so my approach to this concept is to begin fresh by looking at it as "getting a chick" to keep things simple. I love simplicity and I think these overly high expectations we set for ourselves is what cause so much frustration with us men often times.

    Getting a GF the hard way
    So I have decided to go about it the hard way and do it using my own method since the social ideal and dating framework is obviously flawed according to my perception and personal experience. Now I don't think getting a traditional GF is bad but I do think behind the scenes for most people is that they just "fall" into a relationship and it gets handed to them easily. I never understood this about women. Why they "throw" themselves at regular average dudes or muscular guys. I mean they tell me it's all about personality but that's not what I perceive to be happening. To me it's all about pre-selection. Getting pre-selection is very hard in my opinion and I think it an impossible feat to try and even attempt at attaining. So basically the way I see it is to be totally devoid of emotion when dealing with women and do whatever in the flip I want instead of just "being myself" since I am always trying to impress the girl by not acting like myself. I think I should make myself happy and not worrying about doing all the routines perfectly but rather go into "a-hole mode" coined by Tyler Durden and not give a flip about being outcome dependent. What I mean by the hard way is doing what I logically think won't work and hope that it does work.

    The Real Deal
    So really the answer lies within on where I want to take my game with women. I do learn a lot from the PUA gurus and especially more so from the PUA community but in the end I have to do what works for me. That's why memorizing routines is helpful but ultimately useless since I will not transform my true self into the person I truly want to be which will equal the non-needy outcome detached alpha male. So here's what I think should happen....

    I go out to meet girls wherever and do approaches, run routines, keep the right frame, etc. And then move on from there. I use a lot of the stuff I learn here and so on but I realize what Mystery does and teaches is what works for Mystery. What Tyler Durden does and teaches is also what works for Tyler. So essentially trying to mimic them in every aspect is useless since all our framework is different and we can run the routines from a weak Mindset or have a poor application of the right principles. So either way I will be going out to "Get a GF" so to speak but not from the mindset of trying to win the girl in order to make her my gf since a relationship is a two way street and you still need compliance and agreement from the girl. So in the end I will go out to game chicks in order to get a chick into me and hopefully keep the right frame. It's all about having fun and learning to enjoy it. Because if I can come home one night not even having been laid but simply reflecting on the awesome night I had doing everything I did with no regrets and feeling like I achieved success then it's all good. Most nights I usually screw it up and wish I had escalated or wished I did some Kino or whatnot. But either way I need to come home feeling like I didn't wuss out, didn't screw up, and did some good game then I feel regardless of the outcome that I achieved momentary success. However if I can get to the point where women actually like me that would be great too, it's just not happening right now.

    Ultimately I am trying to make women like me but maybe I should care more or not whether I like them? That should raise my social value and create a better framework essentially. It's not about having good game it's about being happy and that's what will make it worth it in the end. I am tired of failing but I will keep trying. Sometimes I just go along with it just to get a chick but now I should stop all this settling for girls I'm not interested in and quite lying to myself that I am just because I want a GF. I am not going to settle just for any GF but now I am going to simply try meeting HB's and enjoy my time with them. Yeah what I am not trying to do is get a date because dates are boring. I am trying to get a girl to have fun with however and do fun things together. That's what it is all about right?

    So how do I get a chick? Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: How do I get a chick?

    Read through the forums under the how to get a girlfriend section. This is a very broad question that can be answered through other contributors or already has been on a different post.

    Be yourself, be interesting, be charismatic, be charming.

    Ask yourself, if i was a really hot girl, what type of guy would I want to sleep with? And become that guy.



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