Bitch basically blew me off again today. I played it cool with her on here I'm not going to hide it. sh1t pissed me off, I am horny as fark for her and maybe she knows by doing this she is toying with me but most likely she doesn't even know what she's doing.

She called me at 10am saying that we could hangout but she has to go get lunch with someone else at 12pm and that after that she would be cooking from 1pm-6pm and she would be busy with that....but I could still come by! I was thinking to myself if I did give in and go there it would be a total friendzone day, and make it seem like she could have me whenever she wants. A power thing. Her parents get home around 3 or 4 so wouldn't leave much time for fooling around especially since she would be cooking.

I just decided to say: I'll just go on with my backup plans then. If food and someone else are going to have you more to theirselves than me what's the point . When you are MINE for a morning or night soon like you've been claiming let me know. You're msising out on the gambling boat tonight too.

Probably should have kept it shorter but I believe that the message got the point across that I will not be her side man, that I am going to be the main dish case and point. You don't invite me over then go out to eat with someone else then expect me to keep you company while you cook because you are lonely. Luckily new me realized that this would completely put me back in friendzone status and aborted. As long as the last time we hung out we were fooling around I plan to keep it that way and keep the situations that way. My mindeset is still at not giving a fark and I knew if I went over there to see her today I would be kicking myself in the ass and have blueballs once again. Just texted my other girls today and the kicker is that there is the best block party ever right on the block next to her. I will be on the corner all day and she will probably see me and hate me for not inviting her. She wants to go so bad and I told her I would bring her but she wanted to go as a couple basically saying: If I go I want to go with you and stay with you the whole day and leave with you. No body likes her there and she would just be cockblocking me. I would have considered bringing her if she didn't blow me off twice this week but now I am just going to shove it in her face and she'lll probably see me partying with other girls and be like wtf. We are not dating so I have no obligation to ruin a perfect day and night tomorrow. Bringing her could make us closer since she would get to meet my people finally but I think there is too much potential with other women there to waste the day on her; especially with the sh1t she's been pulling. I am not even going to text her. She'll probably remember tomorrow when she sees it and I think I'm just going to ignore it unless you all think I should say something smooth.

Hmmmmm just found out that I will have my house open tomorrow too....If I did invite her... good time + alcohol + an empty all know what that = I think I will just see how the night goes and if there are no other girls there I can hit her up and hope she's available and if she's not oh well. I already told her about it and like a bitch she probably didn't leave the day open anyways.