I've been friends with this girl for 8 years. We used to like each other and then became just friends (mutual).

We drifted apart for a while and i had a serious gf for 3 yrs. she seemed jealous of my gf. well when we broke up we became really close friends. Im living in one of a 3 bed apartment with her. She knows everything about me and I her. Including Game. She even acts as a Pivot for me.

Here's the thing though, the last two nights we were out she was giving me massive amounts of Kino!.... shes a very touchy girl anyway but this was a lot. then the last night we grabbed hands a few times and there was signs of interest from her.

there are the makings of something here, but i need to come at this with a plan or it'll stay at this stage for ever.

How do i turn this into something. Help me Game!!!