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    Default The transition to girlfriend and your game


    I was wondering what your guys opinion or experience of transitioning from dating a girl to making her your girlfriend, and what 'game' you run.

    I say this as I've met a keeper and haven't heard from her in about 4 days (about a month of dating,f-closed on the first date) and naturally driving me mad but I'm waiting for her to reply to me as I think Iíve looked a bit needy the last week, so I'm going for a Freeze Out of sorts. (However, any good text re-openers are welcome! )

    Iím also not sure if she is seeing/sleeping with someone else so Iím looking for advice on how to get rid of him too/find out if thereís anyone else on the scene. Canít throw my toys out the pram too much as Iíve got a couple others on the go
    I'm not sure if it's my inner AFC screaming out but Iím thinking it's time to ease up on the teasing, always being flirty and maybe begin paying for dates. She seems pretty invested in me (things she's said, gets back into bed with me even though she'll be late for work), she cooked me a Sunday roast last weekend and introduced me to her sister so I owe her a roast and a bottle of wine at mine!

    Naturally, Iím going to wait for her to play the Ďfemale roleí and ask where things are heading, so what game do you run as I think thereís definitely a different game from pickup to dating. I think Iíll call her tomorrow seeing if she wants to hang out this week Ė canít sit on my arse and wait for her all the time!

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    Default Re: The transition to girlfriend and your game

    You haven't heard from her? Or she hasn't heard from you? It's really the same situation with different views and I'm sure she is thinking the same thing as you are.

    The way to get rid of a guy she may be dating is to NOT think about how ways to get rid of him. It puts you in a needy stage and your behavior will reflect this and you run the risk of only intensifying whatever she has with the other guy. Just behave as if he doesn't exist (he may very well not exist) and I'm sure eventually he really will cease to exist in her dating circle. This has happened with me multiple times because I never asked if they were dating anyone and I didn't care. Then one day they would just suddenly tell me that they cut so and so off and this many guys she no longer talks to and I get blown away because I wasn't even thinking about it.

    I know PUA teaches you how to get women to chase you, but women are still the original choosers and we still have to be a leader and not wait around for her to take action. She will chase if you chase first. At least alittle bit. You have to slowly get her used to chasing you, but until then you have to do the chasing. But done in a non-expectant way conveys confidence and not neediness.

    The transition is fairly easy. If she tends to be more confident then there's a good chance she will bring it up eventually and you just have to wait. If she is a bit timid and too shy to bring it up, then I would start roleplaying with her. Have her play the husband and you the distraught housewife. This will open the doors and she may be more talkative after this.
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