This girl has been attracted to me since last semester. I didn't give her the time of the day last semester to even exchange numbers or hang out or anything even though I would see her in the gym all the time shooting hoops. I didnt give her the time because all the guys in my cultural community were on her like no other. there were rumors that she was unofficially official with some random dude and a lot of other ish. She has guys all over her anywhere she goes. she told my friend that even though she doesn't know me that well she thinks i am one of the most attractive guys in the school. this is last semester. then i met her at a party and something awkward happened when we were drunk and i didn't talk to her till after the summer when this semester started.

well i got her number like 2 weeks ago and we hung out once last week, we went to go workout at the gym. she asked if i could be her trainer, i said yea.

now everyone in my school is at this other large city for a football game weekend and are all bar hopping. i am stuck studying for a fluid dynamics test. so last night she texts me saying "hi" i reply saying hey and she doesn't reply.

she texted me around the time when people are done pre gaming. so she mightve been a little bit buzzed. she still hasnt replied.

i know for a fact she saw my message as soon as she got it just because of how she is.

what does this mean?

what are my next moves?

i plan on not even mentioning the text to her when i see her on campus.