Ok I found this out by talking to one of my idols. He goes by the name of TYLER FARKING DURDEN. Met him outside of one of his seminars down in san francisco and was able to get some valuable info out of him and watch him game and good god is the guy good. Anyways back to the topic at hand. Multiple GFs. Its all in the Mindset.
Ok have when you eat a hamburger, do you think of where it came from. Do you think of the cow that was slaughtered and bled out as your biting into that juicy hamburger. Hell No you don't! You just care about that succulant tasty slab right in front of you. Same with women, if you show enough value in life, make them feel special enough, then you happen to drop in that you date multiple girls and go back to feeding her that emotional drug. She won't farking care. Only known about this for half a week now and I have one sold HB9 that is falling in love with me and who knows that I'm dating multiple girls. Just make her feel like she's special and theres no comparison to the other girls in my life.
BAM thank you Owen Cook!