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    Default HB 8 from school now playing hard to get

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get this HB 8 to be my girl, I'm just lookin to setttle for a bit. I am an idiot when it comes to this. We were supposed to go for some one on one coffee, I told her i would call her she gave me her number and i said I would call her, but I never did. I didn't see her for a few days until we had a movie night at a mutual friends house, we didn't even watch a movie I was cracking jokes and dhv'ing and got a bunch of ioi, call me chump i didn't even pull move there either.

    Couple days ago I was with my buds again and we were just practicing our game on random girls it went pretty well I got two dates but didn't show or gave my name thank god. Anyway they told me to call the HB 8, and I said screw it ill call. I called her and we talked for a bit and made her laugh a lot the phone died and she thought I Hung up and she txted back saying " you guys suck" I called her back and warmed her up so I ran the sake routines and made her laugh, but she was full of sh1t tests telling is she had a boyfriend and I'm not on her list anymore etc I think I managed to pass them all, anyway as i was talking it was going well my buddies started making sexual noises and she hung up, immature kids called her back once and she didn't pick up. Now shes pissed.

    As I got her pissed, shes been playing hard to get. Now I don't know what to do. I had planned to go see her, isolate and tease her on her playing hard to get, I am even planning to kiss close in isolation. But I don't know if its a good idea at this point, any thoughts thanks. I do really want this one not any other girl.

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    Default Re: HB 8 from school now playing hard to get

    You say she has a bf and she's the only one you want. That's a bad spot to be in. That's nothing but disappointment. Especially if you do manage to kiss and try to make her exclusive.

    You're best bet is using a bf destroyer. If he isn't doing his job then it should work like a charm. (Sometimes even if he is doing good and the girl is just dumb it'll still work) Learn about push/pull also.
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