the common thing in a lot of posts is that guys try to gain an insight on why their target is not acting the way they imagined.

fellas - it's not in ur favor to wonder what's going on in her head... as in the case of initially opening her up and failing -- u cannot take what she does personally. u don't know what her day has been like, her issues, her exs -- etc etc...

GAME and GAME, don't be dissuaded
the beauty of learning PUA is getting urself out there to as many women as possible. eventually, u will get one or a few that will come to u... but then some will hesitate. BUT even they can hesitate... don't take it personally. -- nothing is wrong with u if u kept it cool.

u just keep plugging away... u will get a girl who starts gaming u.

but, again, don't settle there... what if she hesitates too.?? then ur back fishing again.... so keep throwing in ur line till one truly is all in.

all that wondering why she does what she does... it's only gonna beat down ur ego/confidence. why second guess that ur the man.?!! r u really a man.?? don't second guess urself - u should worry over how to refine how u throw in ur line -- not google earth why she doesn't respond to u like u want.

nuff said - hope this helps someone.^^