Backstory: Met a HB8 a few months ago, built up good comfort. Ended up transferring to a different school (Very close by) and decided to hit her up and go to a party since I hadn't seen her in quite some time. (Before this party we had some Kino, but nothing more than friends)

I ended up very drunk, while she was tipsy. I pursued her hard, and she responded mildly well. Lots of touching, etc etc. At first she pulled away when I tried to kiss, so I let her go and had fun at the party. I pulled in 3-4 girls and was dancing, but found my way back to her. Now, she responded incredibly well, and I eventually kiss-closed.

Now the interesting part. After the kiss-close she almost immediately left the party, not even saying goodbye really. It may have been overstepping her boundaries, since she is known as a very "good" girl, and she only danced with me the whole night except for one song. I shot her a text the next morning (Hey *****, sick party last night, hope your drunk selfs made it back okay!) Looking back that most likely wasn't the wisest text to send, but I don't think it was terrible. Anyways, she didn't respond to that.

I'm not looking for a relationship necessarily, but a steady girl when I visit my friends at this school would be great. Imo, she is either thinking that I'm a "player" and only hit on her while I was drunk, or she is in control since I pursued so hard while I was drunk. Or, it could have just been the beer.

1. Does she like me, or was it the booze? (She wasn't drunk, but definitely tipsy)
2. There is a party next weekend.... do I send her a text on Thurs. inviting her/invite her to something else/just fly solo at the party?