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    Default Possibility of friendzone after 2 dates

    Hi, so I met this girl, flirted for a few days over facebook, and I asked her to the movies(1st date). I pretty much held her hands the whole time throughout the movie. After the movie, we cuddled, but DIDN'T KISS CLOSE While we were cuddling and holding hands and stuff, she told me that her friend's boyfriend kissed her, which was REALLY random, and I was thinking to myself "Are you trying to hint something?" And after we both left, she chatted me up and started flirting again. The next day, there happened to be a mixer/dance in our area, and I asked if she wanted to go, and she said sure. So of course, I danced with her the whole time and held hands and stuff. After the mixer, we went to get some food and cuddle and stuff. (Btw I suck at making conversation with a girl I like, so if you have any advice, I'd really appreciate it ) So as you can imagine, I was pretty quiet, and she was quiet too. Awk..... My friend offered us a ride home later and I held her hands the whole ride home, gave her a hug goodbye, and I went home myself after that. STILL DIDN'T KISS CLOSE. After 2-3 days of her not chatting me up, I decided to try to talk to her and the chat ended in like 2 minutes. Is it possible that she lost interest because of my not kissing her after 2 dates? What should I do now to try to avoid the friendzone?


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    Default Re: Possibility of friendzone after 2 dates

    You started off ok with some Kino ( holding hands and cuddling) but you clearly didnt escalate. Kept holding hands?....The fire fizzled out because she felt like you were a brother.

    You definitely needed to kiss

    I suggest you reframe ( although it might be too late since you chatted her up and it quickly died). She definitely has lost you have to show her you are different guy than she is thinking you are.....but that means you have to stop being the quiet shy type guy and be more agressive and possibly not so nice.....its up to you if you can pull this off.

    At this point she probably feels rejected since you didnt escalate , and therefore is trying to put you in the friendzone to protect herself and make herself seem superiror to you. I suggest you first causally say hi and maybe make a joke....then go into saying something like "Its funny that I am talking to you again.....cuz I went out on a date with this girl .....when i first met her she kinda reminded me of you....she looked so much like you except she wasnt nearly as fun or dressed as nice....but nice girl and pretty funny. Think I should give her another shot?"

    Not in those words will have to alter it to suit your style , her style, and how you usually talk

    Now you are placing her in the feindzone but easing out of it by sort of complimenting her, saying you like her look , and putting a little female to female competition. If she say something like "no....why waste your time"...respond with "true, but mayeb i should give you another shot"......Dont trip if she responds by "yeah give the girl another shot"...just say soemthing like "hmm you are right, she might have just been nervous or liked me too much. ill give her another chance to show those parts shes hiding from me. should be fun to dig up and expose her real personality"....this is a form of are putting it into her mind that maybe she should consider giving YOU another shot and that YOU might have a hidden personality that she should dig up ( especially if you reframe yourself ....talking to her in a way that shows another side of you).

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