I have a very interesting discussion here for you guys. Basically I wanted to talk about getting a GF, having a GF, etc.

Getting a GF
Now to begin with there is not a solid understanding out there about GF's & BF's just a general consensus. So let's look at it.

Many times I have put forth way too much effort into getting a GF when I failed to realize these girls liked me already when I thought I needed to try and make them like me, duh!

So when you are going out just have fun make that your main objective that will keep you from taking rejections too harshly and having sound judgment.

So when you are out there on the prowl don't get too crazy trying to make out with every girl in sight this will surely lead to you losing girls and not only that but lead to a bad understanding of the game.

Understand that the game is all about building momentum, becoming an Alpha Male, trusting yourself enough to get rejected, taking it as a lesson rather than a win or lose scenario.

Don't get frustrated by women too much because that frustration will drive you to not caring and becoming less needy therefore more Alpha.

This may sound awkward but don't go after girls that make you mad. They are not worth your time. If they playfully reject you re-approach shortly after but if they are too harsh with you don't try to salvage it because they will just embarass you which will make you look needy which will make you feel stiffled. I should have never ran after the girls who shut me out but always chase the ones who playfully reject me.

Key phrase to remember for the game is "When it stops being fun for them you're done". The only possible recovery method would be if they find it fun again.

So stop chasing the girls who are very harsh with you and only go for the ones who are into you, digging you, etc.

If you make them mad then try to salvage bug only try once if they stay mad eject!

I used to think getting a GF was as easy as getting a # and taking a girl out but realized that is way too hard to master.

I am all about "This should be easier" so I am not convinced anymore that a GF is someone I take out that's too much work and to these women that's just dating not an actual "relationship".

Chatting with a girl via phone/text doesn't constitute a relationship either since you could be in the friendzone, could be her texting buddy, or she could be leading you only to make herself feel better.

The Dynamics of a Relationship
So now even if you sleep with a girl doesn't mean you are together. That could be friends with benefits, merely a fling, just another hook up, etc.

So what constitutes a relationship?

Well clearly we have seen it is not getting #'s, dates, or sex.

This might sound cheesy but it is having a bond with someone. Now you can stop worrying about getting a GF and start worrying about the person you are presenting to these women that is by far the better road to follow.

So what does that mean?

Well to play the game you must follow the routines. Such as showing pre-selection, dhv's, doing approaches, bouncing women, closing, flirting, Kino, D2's, doing push-pull, etc.

Technically getting a GF is easier than I thought as I am pretty sure I already have one. How do you get a GF? Get a girl whose invested, flirty, showing compliance, attracted, and shows interest and I would say she is your GF regardless of her take on the matter. But I would say frankly it is impossible to get a GF you just met that day. It takes time.

Having a Girlfriend
This is another matter entirely. As I mentioned above the signs of a girl who wants to be your GF you need to switch to Phase 2 "Having a GF". Sorry this is so long but there is just so much content that never even gets touched upon so let's go there.

When a girl shows the signs of being invested, compliance, interest, attraction, and and is flirting on an ongoing basis it's time to move into having a GF mode and not make the mistake of get her on a date mode to make her your GF!

I have made this mistake so many times. I literally have asked girls to be my GF when I already had a bond with them and it backfires horribly!

To prevent from looking AFC never ask a girl to be your GF you will only ruin any chance you have with her and she will always view you as a nice guy with no value.

You fall into relationships you never "make it happen". Every relationship I have had (over 50) has been with someone I had a bond with regardless of #'s, dates, and sex like I said. Some relationships have happened in one day but very very rarely.

So once you find a girl you have a bond with a girl never think to yourself "if only she could be my GF" that is way too clingy and frankly she already is your GF! She just doesn't know it yet. This is where you come in.

You have to prove yourself to her that you are her mate.

To do this you must never view it as "I have to get her #, take her on dates, and have sex before I know she can be my GF.

This is why us guys put way too much pressure on this and girls literally throw the term BF around with a guy they are just simply talking about. Girls use that term so loosely yet we as guys put so much emphasis on it! It's pretty plain for them but very logical for us.

We need to focus not on "How do I get a GF?" But finding a girl and literally just having fun.