alright guys! so me and this girl we met my senior year in highschool she was a frshman we have a very long history she is the type of girl that makes a promises and keeps it she is very sneaky like a lawer and she can twist words very easily we didnt get along ever until awhile back we took time from eahothr stopped talking completely but now she has a Boyfriend its very complicated situation! i tryied doing the Bf destroyer technique doesnt seem to be getting me places i messaged up a couple times like says he might dump her, but recently we have been skkyping eachother and web camming eahother and like SHe started talking About her boobs becuase i was talking about well joking and singing the Song I LIKE BIG BUTTS! and she was like oh u like big butts and i was like i like eyes better blue ones for sure ( she has green eyes) and i was like ya there my favorite but greeen ones are okay! ( she got mad a bit today when i brought it up again) anyways she was like Do you like boobs while grabbing HERS! i was like whatt!!! and she likes to talk to me really late and stuff she tells me alot i can make her smile just by saying DOnt smile and she would so my question is do you think she likes me? i mean does a girl grab her boobs if she doesnt like you on a webcam? i am sure there is alot moe i can tell but that would take a lifetime!