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    Default Non-invasive kino for conservative/traditional catholic girl.

    I've been talking to this Mexican girl for a few weeks. She's a devout Catholic, I'm Protestant. With that said, I'm not trying to get her in bed.*
    Since we've been talking, neither of us have mentioned our intentions - I think we are both just seeing what happens. I flirt occasionally when we talk but nothing too over the top and nothing that actually defines my intentions. When I ask her out, I never mention the word date, neither of us have asked each other about our past relationships or what kind of people we date (although she did bring up her ex one time and I asked a few questions). It seems we have both been trying to act nonchalant about our intentions and where this is headed.*

    Note: see my other thread if you'd like to know how things have gone up until now.

    Last week, she offered to take me out for sushi for my bday. I couldn't do it that day because I was working. A couple days later we arranged to go out Sunday. Sunday morning though, she canceled the sushi and invited me for dinner with her family. I accepted and ended up sticking around for 5 hours.*

    Well, since our first "date" was at her parents, I didn't want to get real flirty - I didn't make physical contact at all out of respect for the family.

    With that said, I feel like I need to recover on our next date. What are some things I can do that aren't overly invasive but will make my intentions clear? Remember, she is pretty traditional so I don't want to move too fast. Sure, if it feels right, I'd like to kiss her by the end of the night but I won't be escalating for the purpose of f-closing.

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    Default Re: Non-invasive kino for conservative/traditional catholic girl.

    i really don't see any reason not to go the "normal" Kino ways, they're non-invasive that's why they're used here just grow a pair and rise up to the challenge

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