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    Default Is she giving me IOI's?

    Hey guys,

    I was at an adult sex toy store earlier today and this super cute and really REALLY cool girl helped me pick out a male sex toy and some leg/arm restraints. After I paid we talked for a while (30-45 min) and it was great the whole time - no low points in the conversation. We talked about:

    -what toys/BDSM gear her and I enjoy;
    -what we BDSM stuff want to try with other people;
    -awesome pornos that she enjoys(fashionistas and other hardcore BDSM porn);
    -what get's us excited/horny; and
    -other misc. things about BDSM and each other's personal lives/wants/desires

    Basically, it was a very sexual atmosphere and it wasn't awkward atl all - this was the best conversation I have ever had with a girl and she put in more effort than I did. Also, she would re-initiate conversation if we stopped talking for more than 30 seconds (I believe that is an ioi, correct?)

    Then, when I was about to leave, she said:
    "come see me again some time", made eye contact and smiled.
    I then asked:
    "what days do you work" and, after she explained her schedule, she asked:
    "Hey, what's your name?" then approached me and put out her hand for a handshake (I regret not kissing the back of her hand like in movies but I missed my chance for that). She then told me her name (which I can't remember...).

    Would her asking me to come back specifically to see her be an IOI? At the very least it means she enjoyed my company/our conversation, I guess.

    Also, I just read that a girl asking you for your name is an IOI - is that true?

    I'm thinking about asking her to go for a walk with me during my lunch break which will be in public (less pressure on her/easy escape if she is uncomfortable) and it will set a time restraint. (NOTE: the area we both work in is great for tourists/friends/couples to walk around and there is a river near-by that we could walk to and relax by while chatting).

    I just need to know if these are IOI's so I can decide how to approach her next time I see her (probably on Monday). I checked a thread that lists a bunch of IOI's and I'm pretty sure she has given a few but I didn't see anything about her asking me to go see her again.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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    Default Re: Is she giving me IOI's?

    Yea, huge IOIs. She does work there and probably has those conversations a lot, but it looks like she put in a lot of effort. I think you should regret not getting her number, but if you were to go back in you should be in there to pick up something. Say you 'forgot' to pick this up, you'll make a purchase but think of something small and cheap you could have forgotten. I'd say get her number and say that you enjoyed talking to her and you'd like to talk further and arrange a lunch dinner.

    You posted in the 'how to get a girlfriend' forum, if it wasn't on accident then you need to think about how little you know this girl and she might not even be up for a relationship. You just met her. If it was an accident, carry on

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